still think drugs Don't Hurt Anyone But Yourself?

If you really want to stop using drugs, we are always with you for your help.

Addiction :-
“I can choose to let it Define me, Confine me, Refine me, OutShine me, Or I Can Choose To move on and Leave it Behind Me”

Addiction ?
We Can Help You

CMC Mohali Drug - Detoxification & Rehabilitation Centre is a Punjab Govt approved Centre for Drug - Detoxification of person suffering with substance used Disorder(addiction).

Our centre offers comprehensive care for individuals having one or multiple addictions:-

Drug-Detoxification & Rehabilitation Treatment Program is conducted by a team of Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist, Peer - Educator, Staff Nurses etc. Seven stars of de-addiction treatment at our govt approved drug detoxification centre

  1. 100% transparency in treatment. One family member can stay with patient throughout the treatment.
  2. Combination of Medical & Psychological treatment for the best results.
  3. No physical or mental abuse of the patients.
  4. No pains only gains for the patient as timely medical treatment prevents onset of significant withdrawal syndrome.
  5. Specialized indoor Private Room & Wards with all basic Amenities.
  6. 24 hours doctor availability.
  7. Guaranteed treatment with medical and psychological measures for relapse prevention.

Timely care, evaluation and apt treatment of mental cases is just one amongst the biggest health concerns, renowned psychiatry services offered by experts at Cheema Medical Complex in Mohali are available round the clock. Being one amongst the top psychiatrists in Punjab, we don’t just simply prescribe medicines to our patients. Instead, we counsel, we evaluate and dive deep down into the matter to purge the root cause of the illness completely. Our treatment procedure is entirely dependent upon the evaluation results and this is what that has conferred us the title of best psychiatrists in Chandigarh.

Psychiatric treatments available with us are comprehensive for both, adults and adolescents. The department’s multidisciplinary psychiatrists are active in various clinical and research interests in biological psychiatry, pharmacotherapy and behaviour therapy including cognitive therapy. Other specialties also include

Alike poor mental health, drug addiction is another greatest concerns and we do excel in treating this as well. We have special de-addiction centres in Chandigarh and across the state of Punjab, for persons suffering from drug dependence.

Our dedicated team of de-addiction centres comprises of highly trained and well-experienced psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, residents, psychiatric social workers and nurses, who follow special treatment approaches involving comprehensive assessment and treatments procedures.

Generally, the de-addiction treatment program conducted by our qualified psychiatrists include assessment and detoxification using modern pharmacological treatment methods, motivation enhancement components, relapse prevention, psychological interventions, group and family meetings and much more.

We have included free online consultation service as well. So, today you can consult our online psychiatrist team and discuss your issues with them any time.


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